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 module one - identifying arguments
 module two - reasons and conclusions
 module three - the structure of arguments
 section one - reasoning and non-reasoning
 section two - additional exercises
 section one - identifying inference indicators
 section two - distinguishing reason and conclusion indicators
 section three - indentifying conclusions
 section four - reasoning with implicit inference indicators
 section one - identifying propositions
 section two - argument diagrams
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distinguishing reason and conclusion indicators

Now that you have had some practise identifying inference indicators, we will examine the way they work.

Some inference indicators indicate a reason and some a conclusion. In the following exercise, you will be asked to identify the inference indicator in a short argument. Once you have done this, you will be asked whether it is a reason indicator or a conclusion indicator.

Use your intuitions. Ask yourself 'Does this word or phrase usually precede a reason or a conclusion?'

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